bird in jungle

The Rain forest if filled with beautiful plants and animals

What can you do to save this precious part of the world?

If you can please donate, if you cannot donate, please spread the word to help us.

But if you can, please help our planet and choose the amount from any below that best suits your budget.

Flower that is used to make channel 5

Flower Used To Make Chanel #5

This is the flowers that are used to make Chanel #5. Their sent is beautiful. Adopt and save these flowers for $14.95.


Sweet lemons

Medicinal Plant

These sweet lemons are a medicinal plant. Adopt one of these for $14.95.

Non poisonous snake

Non Poisonous Snakes

The rain forest is filled with non poisonous snakes. Note the feathers on the ground left from the bird that did to escape being dinner. Adopt a non poisonous snake for $14.95

No Amount is too small

Our promise to you is that every dollar you donate will be used to save the land in its pristine and natural condition. All of our futures depend upon saving as much land as we can in conservation.





Next Steps...

We appreciate whatever you can do.....a one time donation of $29.95 will help us save more land.